The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Haworth Tompkins with Citizens Design Bureau

The Everyman theatre was established as the radical, creative heart of Liverpool in the 1960s. The old building was literally crumbling but there was huge affection for the convivial, low ceilinged bistro and the down to earth atmosphere of the horseshoe shaped auditorium. With a passionately engaged client, the design team worked to re-imagine the theatre as a resolutely new building but with the wit and ethos of the Everyman running through the grain of every detail. 

Citizens Design Bureau worked with Haworth Tompkins Architects on the interior furniture, fittings, finishes and signage. 90% of materials from the old Everyman were reclaimed to form the new building. A palette of reclaimed brick and board marked concrete make up a basic palette with a strong patina. Shimmering petrol tiles then create a subtly reflective surface behind the bar without over use of mirrors. Concrete formwork timber is re-used as large sliding shutters whilst rich colour in the ceiling murals by artist Antoni Malinowski add layers of reflectivity, warmth and texture to each surface.

Vitreous enameled steel signage is a nod to the industrial craft of Liverpool’s industrial warehouses whilst the font and graphic proportions of lettering and pictograms were developed to reference the iconic neon sign on the old building’s façade.

The bars, box office, banquette seats and back to back ‘kissing sofas’ are made from reclaimed school lab tops. Dining chairs are a take on the simple 'school chair', re-engineered and leather upholstered to be exceptionally comfortable.  Tables are connected with simply designed steel trays allowing them to flip from intimate to group dining without shifting tables. Intimacy is accentuated with the rise and fall of beautifully counterweighted copper pendant lamps.

Every single surface is designed to be touched, to be used, to be enjoyed; a place to dress up or dress down and feel equally at ease. It's got soul.

Saturday 06 Jun 2015

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