Techno Corporate Office, Kolkata, India
Abin Design Studio

Completed in January 2016, the interior design of this corporate office captures elegance through its simplicity. This humble sized office, all of 580 sqm., comprises Directors’ cabins, conferencing amenities, client entertainment areas, support facilitators and services. The clients at Techno Electric & Engineers Co. Ltd. wanted their office to be minimalist in design, yet magnificent in style.

A wide central corridor bisects the office space with the various functions on either side. It essentially ties together the different areas proving to be the spine for this workspace. The corridor sets the mood of the design though its minimalist yet sophisticated treatment.

Whitewashed textured walls on one side complement a bespoke wooden louvred partition wall on the other. Slender crafted vertical fins wrap around this translucent wall creating a graceful play of light and shade. Similarly louvred doors are camouflaged within this wall treatment, made cognisable only through the protrusion of wooden profile handles.

Sculptures strategically located along the corridor add value to the beauty of the spaces. The bold human sculptures evoke a sense of contemplation. A sculptural feature wall custom-made with electric equipment, reminiscent of the clients’ professional origins, adorns the wall across the Managing Director’s cabin.

The spaces beyond the corridor are treated with complementing warm wooden elements. Comfortable seating, plush carpets and customised furniture add a soft touch to the habitable spaces of the office. The louvred partition helps maintain constant interconnectivity through the entire floor while demarcating the various spaces effectively. Artwork and sculptural accents maintain the gallery-like theme throughout the office.

The restrained use of colours and materials, simple yet delicate detailing and the inclusion of art and sculpture render this workplace a modern, tasteful office space.

Tuesday 23 Feb 2016

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