Restaurant & Bar Nazdrowje, Stockholm, Sweden
Design by Richard Lindvall

The assignment was to turn a parking garage in concrete into a Polish restaurant, that would also function as a late evening bar. After a research trip to Poland, including visits to old factories, the concept took shape and the restaurant was named Nazdrowje (Polish for cheers).

The first thing was to tear down the wall between a flower shop and the old parking garage. The concrete floor from the upper level became the concrete top of the bar at the lower level, neatly binding the two levels together.

The natural, raw atmosphere of the space was kept and used as a base for the concept. The concrete floors have a pleasant sheen and contrast nicely with the paler casted concrete benches which are mounted directly onto the walls. The concrete tables in the lounge area have tops made from copper.

In contrast to the hard feeling of the concrete, Richard Lindvall wanted something to give the space warmth. Hence he chose copper, as the colour gives a good contrast to the concrete and also ages beautifully. The large fire place, the unique lighting arrangement and also the radiators are custom made in copper. This material is also found in the bathrooms and on the tops of the concrete tables in the lounge.

Vintage pendant lamps from a factory in the Czech Republic together with the vintage Tolix chairs blend well and add to the raw atmosphere. Frequently used materials include concrete, copper, steel and white tiles.

The idea for the artwork came to Lindvall during the project. He got to know the workers and their history, and felt it was both a bit of an honour and a fun detail to let them be a part of the future of the restaurant by displaying them on the walls. The workers had a great time getting their photos taken by photographer Mattias Lindbäck, and with brilliant results that add to the restaurant’s aesthetic.

Thursday 20 Mar 2014

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