Office of Technology, Kiev, Ukraine
TSEH Architectural Group

TSEH's initial task was to breathe new life and function into the building while also keeping its initial industrial style. The concept of the reconstruction involved delving deep into the strict constructivism (soviet modernism) and refreshing it with lightness of form, integrating elements of nature. This injected life into an otherwise technological space, permeating through the artificial products with a trail of the natural, adding to them and reviving them.

The main expression of ‘new life’ became the green tone which appears on different surfaces and in various interpretations throughout the building. There are vertical green columns near the reception desk, a cube of greenery right in the middle of the office floor, a green wall-fence by the entrance, shrubs springing up through the metal terrace, green hills with trees growing through the concrete floor surface and green glades on the roof.

The layout of the office is open, including glass partitions between rooms and allowing as much air as possible. White furniture allows for a sedate and calm background. The ceiling partially remains in its initial pattern of rib panels but from time to time is broken up with pipes, wires and other communications. Finally the ceiling transforms into wooden waves and continues as a bionic bench, which floats under the floor and appears at the centre of the guest area. This area could be used as a cinema hall, training room or master class platform. All allow for communication, office involvement and cross spreading of employees.

Architects: Antonina Kaplia, Denis Zadneprovsky, Iegor Shtefan

Friday 28 Feb 2014

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