FiftyThree, Inc, New York, United States

‘Ideas begin on Paper’

FiftyThree is a space to create - a combination between work space, library, home and a forest. Completed in 2014, the project area is 6,600 sq. ft. Honest materials and understated confidence. Under this creed – that +ADD never lost sight of – the designers created a space that involved a very honest and open layout that promoted teamwork and collaboration. The selection of materials, walnut wood, blackened steel, glass, and concrete, complemented by a couple of accents of marble became their palette to start drawing what became an office space that reflects their client’s pillars. In a very simple but organised way they created a variation of spaces that enhanced the everyday working experience, but also developed unknown or new ways of working. For example, the wood platforms in the centre of the space consist of an elevated space that has the function to gather people but it also allows you to have a different perspective of the space by the simple fact that they are elevated.

+ADD strong believed that by changing the spatial perception they could also trigger different behaviours and approaches towards the regular meeting experience, which does not only happen around a conference table. Both Client and Designer understand the design process, their concerns were the same and the input from all involved was always so relevant and nourishing. The result is a space that invites you to stay, share ideas and create the most amazing and well thought products. The office space is located in 60 Hudson Street Building, formerly known as the Western Union Building, is a full block telecommunications building built in 1928-1930 and was designed by Ralph Walker. Both the interior and exterior of the building, which is now one of the most important Internet hubs in the world were designated New York City landmarks in 1991.

Monday 19 May 2014

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