El Magatzem de la Bodegueta, Barcelona, Spain
Pilar Líbano Studio

El Magatzem de la Bodegueta was born of the idea of converting the real store of La Bodegueta de Provença into a new location, a bar in a small format that opens both day and night. Pilar Líbano Studio looked to create a cool and casual atmosphere, with the feel of an intimate party being thrown, amidst boxes of wine. The wood of phenolic panels, OSB, added to this feeling of warmth and innovation.

The composition of mirrors, bottles and shelves give an interesting point of focus. Finished ceilings, floors and walls refer to La Bodegueta de Provença, the adjoining local, which is a well-known bar in the city and located just a few metres from La Bodegueta, the first bar created by the same owners whose 'tapas' are famous in Barcelona. The bar helps to distribute the space, creating different areas of use, and is also the connection between ‘El Magatzem de la Bodegueta’ and ‘La Bodegueta de Provença’.

Low and indirect lights make the space transformable from day to night. This includes jam jar lights designed by Piet Hein Eek. The window to the street allows a dialogue between exterior and interior and also widens a space of small dimensions, with a single façade for two local establishments. The attic is the most obvious reference to the old concept store.

This is a compact design but is flexible, a classic style that has been adapted to our times.

Friday 14 Mar 2014

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