CAMPO Modern Grill, Wroclaw, Poland

A modern grill house serving Argentine steaks and original menu with South American accents.

The spacious, decorated in dark colors, finished with natural materials interior reflects the simplicity, honesty and respect for nature – the most important values that define this place.

The premises, transparent because of two fully glazed windows, has been divided into two zones. Back of the house with kitchen, toilets and cloakroom is closed in wood covered cube which from the front opens to the dining room as an almost 14-meters-long shelf. Well visible to customers, the shelf symbolizes openness and homely atmosphere. It acts as the bar where the wine is stored, drinks prepared and bread cut. It also connects visually the dining room with a kitchen thanks to the large kitchen window.

Functional zoning is also emphasized by the finishing materials. The oak flooring, leather sofas with an impressive background of hand-laid wall mosaic of volcanic pebbles and light steel mesh structure with neon characterize the dining room. In the back of the house area the graphite terrazzo floor adjoins the wooden structure of the shelf and wood paneling of the cube.

Dining room itself offers range of zones suitable for all kinds of meetings. Sofas are perfect for a business lunch or meetings with friends, small tables in the vicinity of neon are a good choice for a romantic date, round tables, in turn, are suitable for family dinners, and high bar table is ideal for wine tasting and tapas.

The whole project is characterized by great attention to details - visible in furniture finishing and selection of the equipment of which the majority was custom designed and made using materials such as wood, brass and leather emphasizing the cohesion and honesty of the whole concept.

Wednesday 07 Jun 2017

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