Bonnier's Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
Marge Arkitekter

Bonnier’s Art Gallery in Stockholm needed a restructuring and expansion of their exhibition spaces in order to meet the growing number of visitors and the need for larger exhibition halls. A big challenge was to expand the exhibition halls within the existing gallery space and at the same time open up the entrance and reception area to make it more inviting and open to the public. A big part of the analysis work was focused on drawing on delimitations and testing different space concepts, as well as rethinking circulation schemes and making the administrative spaces more effective.

A primary aim of the remodeling was a clearer articulation of the entrance from the public street. The entrance was made more transparent and open, to lead the visitor directly from the street into the reception area, shop and café. The entrance space is characterized by reflective aluminum, glass and mirrors that mirrors the activity of the street and brings the surrounding greenery into the main space of the gallery.

Through this remodeling the exhibition halls have become more spatially defined with nested rooms standing in contrast to the open spaces which bring light into the galleries and at the same time make them an informal part of the public street outside. It has also been a main point to make the rooms adaptable, to host events and gatherings in addition to the daily use. Therefore the entrance room and museum shop has been designed with adjustable shelves and movable furniture that can be tucked away or opened up on display depending on the particular situation or event that day.

The interior design builds on the existing muted color scheme that is meant to put forward the colors of the artwork. Focus was also placed on tactile material quality which gives a soft warm texture in contrast to the existing glass, aluminum, and concrete.

Friday 09 Jun 2017

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