Nicole Hammond - Associate Vice President & Operations Director, WATG - Juror of the WAN Resort Complex Award 2017

“I am delighted that WAN has chosen to celebrate resort design, and honoured to be asked to join the judging panel. It was inspiring to see the incredible variety of locations – the majority not being on a coastline - and the corresponding design responses, which genuinely challenged any preconceptions of what constitutes a resort.” Nicole Hammond, Associate Vice President & Operations Director, WATG

Jean-Christophe Masson - Co-founder, Hamonic+Masson & Associés - Juror of the WAN Social Housing Award 2017

"Judging the WAN Awards for the Social Housing category was a great experience. It was interesting to see the international scope of submissions, and the architectural innovation and excellence that some of the projects demonstrated. The subject of housing is crucial for today’s society, and it was great to see such a diverse range of solutions to supply the current demand, ranging from individual apartments to high rise towers to the creation of new communities." Jean-Christophe Masson, Co-founder, Hamonic+Masson & Associés

Elaine Toogood - Senior Architect, The Concrete Centre - Juror of the WAN Concrete in Architecture Award 2017

"It was a delight to take part in judging the WAN Architecture in Concrete Awards in 2017. The discussion and debate with the other judges was as inspiring as the work submitted. The breadth and beauty of work around the world being created in concrete never ceases to amaze." Elaine Toogood, Senior Architect, The Concrete Centre

Richard Hornby - Director, Arup - Juror of the WAN Best Bridge Award 2017

"It was a pleasure to act as a juror in the WAN Best Bridge Award 2017, The standard of entries was excellent and encompassed highly ambitious technical challenges to distilled simplicity of design . The entries displayed the wide range of creativity that exists in bridge form at the moment and these awards provide a good platform for this to be recognised." Richard Hornby, Director, Arup 

Russ Edwards - Design & Technical Director, lendlease - Juror of the WAN Small Spaces Award 2017

"The genuinely global nature of these awards is what intrigued me to join the jury, however the extraordinary quality of the projects on show, both temporary and permanent, made this an absolutely incredible process to be a part of. The Small Spaces category in particular, was characterised, perhaps not surprisingly, by simple ideas extrapolated out to a sophisticated conclusion marrying form and function. All of the shortlisted designers have both my admiration and congratulations." Russ Edwards, Design & Technical Director, lendlease

Bill Crockett - Senior Vice President | Regional Leader, Sports + Recreation + Entertainment, HOK - Juror of the WAN Sport in Architecture Award 2017

"With an exceptional range of project briefs and challenges to consider in scale and typology, it was eye-popping to participate in the judging effort. The process was seamlessly orchestrated. The artfulness, detailing and quality of built outcomes, plus talent and passion of the Architectural teams was gratifying." Bill Crockett, Senior Vice President | Regional Leader, Sports + Recreation + Entertainment, HOK

Karen Haller - Applied Colour Psychology, Karen Haller Colour & Design - Juror of the WAN Colour in Architecture Award 2017

"It was a privilege to be part of the judging panel for the Colour in Architecture Award and inspiring to see that colour is gaining recognition as a valued part of the design process. It’s wonderful to see architects using colour to enhance the wellbeing of a space and the standard of entries shows we’re really moving in the right direction to using colour for positive change in the built environment.” Karen Haller – Applied Colour Psychology, Karen Haller Colour & Design

James Parakh - City Planning Division, City of Toronto & Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats - Juror of the WAN Tall Building Award 2017

"It was truly an honour for me to participate in the inaugural WAN AWARDS Jury. Whilst this was the first year in this category, the range on entries and quality of the submissions was extremely impressive with many of the entries presenting submissions which elevate the TALL BUILDING Typology beyond that of just an icon within the city. Many of the submissions demonstrated a high degree of thinking about the urban habitat of the tall building and how tall buildings can improve the quality of life of those that live and work in or near tall buildings." James Parakh, City Planning Division City of Toronto & Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats

Ollie Spragley - Planning and Design Manager, The Collective - Juror of the WAN Social Housing Award 2017

"It's been fascinating to see such a high calibre of innovative design across the board from full masterplans to interventions that allow people to keep their own home but increase its size and quality to fit their needs. I have found it particularly inspiring to see such a significant focus on designing to maintain and enhance communities within the Social Housing group which can often get left behind." Ollie Spragley, Planning and Design Manager, The Collective

Sean Clifton - Director , Jestico + Whiles - Juror of the WAN Resort Complex Award 2017

"This was a brilliant experience, thoroughly enjoyable, and incredibly helpful for understanding the judging process. I have learnt a lot about how to present projects, and feel utterly refreshed to see such incredible and sensitive design being built across the world! Fantastic." Sean Clifton, Director, Jestico + Whiles

Martin Knight - Director, Knight Architects - Juror of the WAN Best Bridge Award 2017

"It is always a privilege to participate as a Juror in major awards programmes, particularly of the quality and international breadth of the WAN Awards. The range of entries in the Bridges category was impressive, from the enormous to the modest, yet all demonstrated architectural ambition and a passion for the art of bridge design. The submissions were concise and highly informative and they beautifully represented the architectural qualities of the work, ensuring the process of judging was well informed, rigorous and robust." Martin Knight, Director, Knight Architects

Paul Thompson - Senior Associate, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners - Juror of the WAN Waterfront Award 2017

"Judging the WAN Waterfront award was a great privilege. The award is an important acknowledgment of the significant contributions architects make to the great set-piece waterfronts of the world. Having recently completed a waterfront design in Sydney for RSHP, it was exciting to see the variety of approaches and high standards of design and strategic thinking in projects by other firms." Paul Thompson, Senior Associate, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Ian Bogle - Founder, Bogle Architects - Juror of the WAN Commercial & Future Project Commercial Award 2017

"It was an honour to judge both the WAN Commercial and WAN Future Projects Awards this year. The diversity of the entries was truly exceptional. The Commercial category highlighted, in a number of the submissions, where the boundaries of office design can be pushed and the designers should be congratulated on addressing these challenges. I also had a favourite in the future projects section, which was an inspirational design - I just hope that it actually gets built !’’ Ian Bogle, Founder, Bogle Architects

LineSync Architecture - Small Spaces Award 2016 - Temporary Winner

"Since winning the Small Spaces - Temporary WAN AWARD, we have been overwhelmed with attention for Wheel Pad. The jury comments demonstrated the depth of the jury as well as their care in truly evaluating a project. Never have our architectural intentions been so clearly seen and described so succinctly. Furthermore, the jury comments are proving extremely helpful in our marketing efforts. We are installing our prototype in Putney, Vermont, this week. Thank you for your role in moving Wheel Pad L3C from concept toward launch." Joseph Cincotta, Architect and Julie Lineberger, CEO

Robin Partington & Partners - Commercial Award 2016 Winner

"We were absolutely delighted when One New Street Square won the WAN Commercial Award 2016, it is a great tribute to the hard work and thoughtful input from all involved in its design and development. Since completion we have received positive feedback from our client, Land Securities, who are very pleased with the building. The building’s future tenant, Deloitte LLP sees One New Street Square as a terrific building that provides the resilience and flexibility to accommodate their ambitious plans for the long term growth of their business." Nathaniel Lee, Project Leader, Robin Partington & Partners

Topiaris Lda - Landscape Award 2016 Winner

"We were thrilled and honored to be awarded with the WAN Landscape Award 2016. To be nominated with the Tagus Linear Park and then elected by a jury composed of such distinguished landscape architects, among so many other extraordinary projects, filled us with pride and joy, as well as with a sense of great responsibility. In our design approach we have been defending that sustainability should be real and broad concerned, embracing all the aspects of the project. Also, we do believe that people matter tremendously in design solutions; these should provide people with experiences and ambiences that should be simultaneously new as well as rooted in identity." Luis Ribeiro, Teresa Barão and Catarina Viana, Founding Partners and Partners

Sarah Brown, Director, TateHindle - Juror of the WAN Commercial Award 2016

"Judging the WAN Commercial Awards offered a unique opportunity to see some of the world’s best projects being designed in this sector. Projects were diverse and the quality of the shortlist was exceptional. Coming from all corners of the world - a testament to WAN’s international reach – giving a truly global perspective to local challenges. It was great to see innovation and vernacular architecture coming together to create buildings which re-invigorated their location and also understood the socio-economic issues of their environment. The judging was well organised, rigorous and thoroughly enjoyable – a gratifying experience." Sarah Brown, Director, TateHindle

McBride Charles Ryan - Colour in Architecture 2016 Winner

"Winning the WAN AWARD affirms McBride Charles Ryan's dedication and commitment to architecture. Receiving worldwide recognition from the jurors is truly exciting and has invigorated our team to continue to innovate. MCR particularly revelled in Zlatco’s praise regarding `the accurate response of the design to its context as a school building combining the serious with the playful’. MCR thought this was an insightful comment that related directly to some of our core values. Karen’s response that we ‘are an architectural firm looking to bring colour to the beginning of the design and not the end’ further resonated with MCR’s holistic approach to architecture." Debbie-Lyn Ryan, Owner of McBride Charles Ryan

Aamodt / Plumb Architects - Small Spaces Award 2016 - Temporary Shortlisted

"We were thrilled to be included in the shortlist for WAN Small Spaces Award 2016. Thank you for sharing the jury's comments - they were so insightful." Mette Aamodt, Partner, Aamodt / Plumb Architects

McGregor Coxall - Future Projects Urban Design 2016 Shortlisted

"McGregor Coxall were delighted at being shortlisted for the WAN Future Projects Urban Design award. This recognition provides global significance to a project that is an international case study in how environmental resilience and water adaptation can be design drivers for positive change.” Michael Cowdy, Director.

FRANTZEN et al. - Residential Award 2016 Winner

"After receiving a lot of national attention for our project PATCH22, winning the WAN Residential Award 2016 with it took the attention to an international level. The international acclaim really strenghtened our position in our home market, our partners love it!" Tom Frantzen Architect/Founder at FRANTZEN et al and Founder/Director of Architecture and Real Estate at Lemniskade Projects

Atelier Tekuto - Concrete in Architecture Award 2016 Shortlisted

"Concrete was the main structure in architecture in the 20th century.  This fact will remain the same in the 21st century, however our mission is to make it more environmentally friendly. At the same time, it will become more and more important to find materials to substitute scarce resouces. Although I didn't win the award, the fact that I have been selected in the shortlist of WAN Concrete in Architecture Award 2016 will reinforce my thoughts." Yasuhiro Yamashita, the President and Representative Director of Atelier Tekuto

Chris Williamson - Partner, WesternWilliamson+Partners - Juror of the Transport Award 2016

"Judging the awards was an inspiring way of seeing in detail the variety and creativity of transport projects throughout the world. The standard was very high and it was gratifying to see the attention to detail and effort, particularly on the smaller projects, making all the difference in offering the user a more pleasurable transport experience.” Chris Williamson, Partner, WesternWilliamson+Partners

JJW Architects - Education Award 2016 Winner

"I am confident that winning the WAN Education Award will pave the way for other sustainable educational projects that showcase how a school can become an integrated part of the neighbourhood, and provide the best possible architectural environment for learning and social development. WAN AWARDS also puts Danish architecture and the Municipality of Copenhagen’s ambitions for their public schools on the international scene as an example worth striving for. Entering and winning the WAN Education Award ’16 has been a positive experience all the way." Lars B. Lindeberg, Partner and Head of Education and Culture

Bridget Rosewell - Senior Adviser, Volterra Partners - Juror of the Transport Award 2016

"It was fascinating and a privilege to judge the WAN Transport Award. How people access and use transport systems is just as crucial as the system itself and I became very focused on the attention paid to people’s perspective and usability in these architectures. The global experiences added further dimensions." Bridget Rosewell, Senior Adviser, Volterra Partners

Peter Chamley - Director | Group Board | UK Infrastructure Leader, Arup - Juror of the Infrastructure Award 2016

"I was delighted to have been asked to take part in the judging of these awards. I thought that the standard of entries was exceptional and made our task very difficult  while at the same time very enjoyable.  It is great to see such a wide range of innovative solutions being developed to solve some very complex problems." Peter Chamley, Director | Group Board | UK Infrastructure Leader, Arup

John McAslan + Partners - Performing Spaces Award 2016 Shortisted

“We are delighted that our redevelopment of Friends House was shortlisted for the WAN Performing Spaces Award. It is significant for both the practice and our client that the scheme has been publicly recognised in this way. Our vision was to create a space that expresses the values of the Quakers in Britain. The judges’ citation is particularly gratifying, describing the scheme as “very understated, beautifully executed...very sensitively done. It is very respectful to the original building and one of those projects you wish you were involved in.” James Dixon, Associate Director

Nicholas Garrison - Partner, FXFOWLE - Juror of the Civic Buildings Award 2016

“The WAN Civic Awards jury experience really opened my eyes to what it means to produce a work of great “civic” architecture. It can be tiny or very large, and still have great impact.  It was reassuring to discover that the most important common denominator for all the awarded projects was imaginative design rather than project type.”  - Nicholas Garrison, Partner, FXFOWLE

Fortunen AS - Colour in Architecture Award 2015 Winner

"The use of colour and material to strengthen an architectural proposal has long been a key principle in Fortunen´s work. It is very uplifting that we have gained recognition for this and a great privilege to receive the WAN Award. The award has also undoubtedly helped Fortunen gain further international recognition." Nils Johan Mannsåker, Director and Architect, Fortunen AS

PWP Landscape Architecture - Waterfront Award 2015 Winner

"It is an honor winning the 2015 WAN Waterfront Award for Barangaroo Reserve in Sydney, Australia. The award has brought worldwide attention to this important precedent of urban design, sustainable development, and waterfront typology which successfully integrates the cultural  imperatives of a monument to Aboriginal culture while producing robust and innovative solutions to very challenging construction sequences. Barangaroo Reserve has become an instant “Must See” for tourists visiting Sydney. We believe that the WAN Waterfront Award has created great exposure to one of the most innovative, large-scale city building efforts in the world." David Walker, Design Partner

multiPlan arhitekti d.o.o. - Waterfront Award 2015 Shortlisted

"To be a part of the finalist group was a great honour for our office and also an encouragement for our future work. The most important thing is the positive  energy that spreads at such events  and the high level of expertise and profesionalism which confirms the quality of our conceptual  and design approach. We strongly belive that our participation in such events contributes to a higher quality of architecture in general. We also appreciate the outstanding work and efforts of everybody involved in the preparation of this complex set of architectural typologies that truly enables everyone to find the right place in it. Each project has a real chance to stand out in its own category! Within the specific category Waterfront we saw an opportunity to present ourselves with one of our very unique project and it was well worth it." Aleš Žnidaršič and Katja Žlajpah, Partners 

Thomas Masullo - Woods Bagot - Adaptive Reuse 2015 Winner

“The win was testament to Woods Bagot’s commitment to design excellence. Woods Bagot is delighted to be recognised for this globally significant award. In Adelaide, as across the global studio, we underpin our work with thorough research and methodical processes that ensure world-class design outcomes, of which Tonsley is exemplar. The Tonsley redevelopment represents another South Australian project that is world class in its ambitions, setting a new benchmark for sustainable urban regeneration projects. Tonsley has created an environment that fosters innovation co-located with industry, universities, TAFE and SME’s – it is a symbol of the knowledge economy.” Thomas Masullo, Director, Woods Bagot

Eric Babin - babin+renaud - Residential Award 2015 Winner

“It is important that we can benefit from a higher profile in order to have new projects and interesting projects, whether they are large or small. We are very pleased to have received this award. We hope it will enable us to one day build outside of France.” Eric Babin, Founder, babin+renaud

EPR Architects - Facade Award 2015 Winner

“EPR are delighted that our design for 24 Savile Row won the WAN Façade Awards in 2015.  It is important for both the practice and our client that the scheme has been recognised in both the UK and internationally. Our vision was to create a ground-breaking concept of combining art and architecture, craft and science.  The word bespoke was invented in Savile Row, where suits were ‘to be spoken for’ by a specific client. So, we knew we had to create a bespoke building, featuring material and design of the sort of quality to match and echo that tradition.” Stephen Pey, Associate Director

Myefski Architects - Future Projects Civic Award 2015 Shortlist

"Myefski Architects is honoured to have two projects chosen for the Civic Longlist in the 2015 WAN Future Projects Awards. Moreover, we are thrilled to see our Culture House-Theatre in excellent company on the Shortlist. The WAN Future Project Awards provided us with the chance to create awareness for projects that we were proud to design, but unable to construct. Having our unbuilt designs recognised and appreciated helps to provide a sense of completion." Myefski team. 

Map 13 Barcelona - Small Spaces Award 2015 Winner

"It means a lot to us that the jury acknowledged our effort to explore the possibilities of the Catalan vault when using innovative design techniques. We are confident that winning the WAN Awards will open us new opportunities to continue our research in this traditional construction technique. We would like to thank all the sponsors, volunteers and participants of any kind who made Bricktopia possible." The Map13 team: Marta, Mariana and David 

Carr Cotter & Naessens Architects - Civic Buildings Award 2015 Winner

"We were delighted to receive the WAN Civic Award 2015 for the Lexicon project, particularly in view of the strong and diverse shortlist. This award provided valuable awareness of the project at home and internationally. The submission process was simple and straightforward and the website represents an interesting archive of the best contemporary architecture." David Naessens, Director

ZGF Architects LLP - Healthcare Award 2015 Winner

“ZGF is honored to have our project recognized on a worldwide stage. Receiving the 2015 WAN Healthcare Award has brought more attention to our firm and our work.”

SLA - Temporary Spaces Award 2015 Winner

"SLA received the WAN Award 2015 for Temporary Spaces in 2015 for our innovative city development project Fredericia C. The jury had some really insightful remarks about the way our project is “completely different from everything else; this is a contemporary thinking on how a city should be developed.” The award is a big acknowledgement of the great potential in SLA’s special branch of nature-based urban development. As such the WAN Award has been a good international stepping stone and a great promotional platform for our work." Kristoffer Holm Pedersen, Head of Communications & Business Development

petra gipp arkitektur - Future Projects Residential Award 2015 Winner

"We are very happy that Stadshagen - housing in solid wood for Folkhem, won the category Future Projects Residential Award. It means a lot to us that the jury acknowledged the project's importance in terms of sustainability and the client's vision to build houses of solid wood, as well as our intention to create distinct volumes and rooms that occupies the site with great humility." Petra Gipp, Owner 

Snøhetta - Sustainable Building Award 2015 Winner

"Receiving the WAN Sustainable Building Award for Plus House Larvik makes us not only very proud, but even more so humble to have received recognition for our work on sustainability in architecture. It gives us motivation to keep on challenging ourselves in the work that we do, and we hope that the project can inspire others to push the industry forward with our shared future in mind." Kjetil Thorsen, Founding Partner

Paul Vick
Paul Vick - Owner, Paul Vick Architects - Jury Future Residential Award 2015

"Thoroughly enjoyable submissions at the WAN Future Residential Awards. As the jurors, we discussed future living patterns, interior worlds and their relationship to the exterior worlds, materiality and innovation in all areas across very varied projects. This is essential to society as we see so many changes in population with potential for both friction if it is wrong and huge opportunity if done well. The aspirations for future housing are the next generation." Paul Vick, Owner

HOK - Future Projects Healthcare Award 2015 Winner

“We are honored and thrilled that HOK’s design solution for the Shanghai International Hospital received top prize in the 2015 WAN Future Projects Healthcare Awards program. We strive to bring the most visionary, progressive thinking to healthcare organizations worldwide. Considering the exceptional quality of the other WAN submissions, we’re delighted with this result.” William Roger, FAIA, Director of Healthcare

University of Arkansas Community Design Center - Future Projects Urban Design 2015 Winner

"We think that our proposals for Mayflower’s Slow Street and the Texarkana’s Art Park/Theater Revitalization are examples for recuperating the viability of small town urbanism in Arkansas and Texas, and are so grateful that an international design jury agrees. The WAN Award greatly enhances our efforts in showing that small towns can set the bar for future urban possibilities. Our collective challenge, particularly in Arkansas, is to find the capacity and confidence to implement them." Stephen Luoni, Director 

Broissin Architects - Performing Space Award 2015 Winner

“Since winning, we have been emailed by many media sources which gave us more international recognition and we got a new contract for another venue for a business group in Mexico who had seen the mention on our Facebook page.” Gerardo Broissin, Founder 

Wolfgang Buttress / BDP - Landscape Award 2015 Commended

"The process of entering the WAN Awards was definitely very easy and straightforward.  We were really pleased to have received a commendation for our project, especially as we were up against some world-class projects!"  James Millington

Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop - Healthcare Award 2015 Shortlisted

"We were very honored to make the shortlist for the WAN Awards. Our firm continues to strive for global excellence and being shortlisted was an affirmation of the hard work of not one but many. We hope to continue to create works that will inspire and change lives and we look forward to winning the prize in the future." Akihiro Okamoto

Hansen Partnership - Landscape Award 2015 Shortlisted

“Being shortlisted in the global WAN AWARDS program was gratifying for hansen partnership as it reinforces the importance of innovation and the significance of environmentally sensitive design, even for small scale projects such as the MacKenzie Falls Gorge Trail. To be considered among the best worldwide by such a highly respected jury is a testament to our design team and vindication that our dedication to creative solutions in landscape architecture is valued on a global scale.” Steve Schutt, Director

Blueprint Consortium: Warren and Mahoney, Boffa Miskell, Woods Bagot, RCP, Sheppard & Rout Architects - Urban Design Award 2014 Winner

"It is gratifying to have international recognition of the work done by the firms involved in the Blueprint." Don Miskell, Deputy Director at Christchurch Central Development Unit

Ross Barney Architects
Ross Barney Architects - Colour in Architecture Award 2014 Shortlisted

"WAN AWARDS are to be coveted. Since Architecture is practiced on a global scale, the WAN AWARDS provide an outlet for designers to reach that global market.  We will keep entering." Carol Ross Barney, FAIA

Marx arkitektur AB - Colour in Architecture Award 2014 - Shortlisted

"I was happy to be shortlisted in the WAN AWARDS! Too much architecture lacks colour, so hopefully the Colour in Architecture Award will help to inspire future projects" Victor Marx

H&P Architects - Spaces Spaces Award 2014 Winner

"Winning WAN Award testifies to the promotion of humanity in architecture in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. The award inspires us to make more dedication to Small Spaces leading solutions, thereby contributing to the settlement of social security issues in a dialectical relationship between Human and Nature." Doan Thanh Ha

Bates Smart - Commercial Award 2014 Winner

"Bates Smart were delighted to be awarded the WAN Commercial Award in 2014 for TransGrid Headquarters. The WAN Award gave this innovative project global exposure & recognition, and has raised the profile of our practice with an international audience." Philip Vivian, Director at Bates Smart.

Blueprint Consortium: Warren and Mahoney, Boffa Miskell, Woods Bagot, RCP, Sheppard & Rout Architects - Urban Design Award 2014 Winner

“The award is a deserved recognition of the work done by the firms in helping produce a world-class plan for the future of central Christchurch.” Don Miskell, Deputy Director

Ann Marie Aguilar - Juror of the Sustainable Building of the Year Award 2014 & 2015

"The WAN AWARDS are looking to highlight projects where the architects have holistically embraced sustainability without compromising the usual qualities found in good design…By entering this award, our finalists have had the opportunity to showcase their works worldwide to the huge readership and gather much international attention for the firm and the project alike". Ann Marie Aguilar, Associate Director, Sustainable Design Specialist, Arup Associates

Arup Associates - Wood Award 2014 Winner

“We are delighted that the Believe in Better Building has been recognised as a seminal piece of work in promoting innovative and sustainable building structures” Declan O’Carroll, Director, Arup Associates

MADe - Civic Buildings Award 2014 Winner

"Winning this future award strengthens our motivation to take on new challenges and to better our work. This recognition gives credibility to the architectural approach of the studio, and drives us to consolidate the line we follow. Thank you for the great reception in Amsterdam Public Library. We hope to be back there next year!" Madhusudhan Chalasani, Founder

CO Architects - Façade Award 2014 Winner

"It was a great honour to win, especially given that this is an international award with extremely high quality submissions. " Alex Korter, Senior Associates at CO Architects. "Honestly, we were surprised and pleased that a project with such a specific program and strict budget would receive an international award. The WAN Façade submission was somewhat an outliner for the firm in that it focused on the building envelope. Winning provides CO another avenue from which to pursue international recognition and future collaborative potential. " Kevin Kavanagh, Senior Associates at CO Architects

AART architects - Residential Award 2014 Winner

"Receiving the 2014 WAN Residential Award was a professional highlight for our business partners and ourselves. We believe residential developments should create significantly positive effects for their residents, for cities and for society in general. In this context, the award accentuated our design approach and professional competency for a wide variety of media sources in Scandinavia and abroad, which has contributed to pave the way for new and exciting collaborations with ambitious, like-minded partners."

Jennifer Marmon - Juror of the Transport Award 14

 "The finalists represented a diversity of excellence from around the world. In the end, the jury selected a winning project that adeptly resolved urban transit issues while advancing social mobility. The project invigorates an interstitial urban space and becomes a new icon for the city." Jennifer Marmon

lee+mundwiler architects - Civic Buildings Award 2014 Winner

"As an international design firm that believes in innovative ideas, we are proud to be selected as the recipient of the 2014 WAN Civic Buildings Award for our Dapeng Geology Museum and Research Center located in Shenzhen, China. Our team made great effort in researching the ecological landscape and history of the site to better integrate our design with the surrounding nature. We appreciate WAN AWARDS recognizes our conviction and further encourages us to remain on the path of “subtlety and context matters” Cara Lee

Native Land - Residential Award 2014 Shortlist

“The World Architecture News Awards is one of the most highly regarded in the industry, and we are very pleased that the pioneering design has been recognised in NEO Bankside’s shortlisting for residential development of 2014.” Alasdair Nicholls, Chief Executive of Native Land

NADAA - Mixed-Use Award 2014 Shortlist

"The WAN program both provided a highly respected jury while also offering The Model Home Gallery project exposure to an international audience. After being shortlisted last year we received several international publication requests for the project which noted they discovered it through the WAN awards program. We appreciate the WAN program's rigor and communication efforts". Katherine Faulkner AIA, Principal NADAA 

Trevor Horne Architects - Mixed-Use Award 2014 Shortlist

"We found it a great platform for exposure of our project and practice, resulting in useful publicity. We also welcomed the fact that the award considered all scales of building." Aaron Down, Architect 

Next Architects - Metal in Architecture Award 2014 Shortlist

 "It was an honor to be nominated and it lifted the project to a new level on the international stage." Tom Kolnaar, PR

vib architecture - Mixed-Use Award 2014 Shortlist

"It was a real pleasure to be shortlisted for the Mixed-Use Award last year with our project Silos 13. By taking part in this competition, we have had the opportunity to be presented with other fabulous international projects. The global media exposure of WAN AWARDS gave us great international visibility and architectural credibility." Franck Vialet, Architect

Adam Richards Architects - Adaptive Reuse Award 2013 Winner

"We were delighted that our Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft won the WAN Adaptive-Re-use award. The WAN awards attract entries from some of the best practices around the world, so it's clear that they play an important role in framing the architectural debate internationally. For us, winning has enabled us to demonstrate to clients that our work has relevance to a broad audience."

Form4 Architecture - Future Projects Civic Buildings Award 2013 Winner

"We were really pleased with the global media exposure from winning this award. Our project was published in 6 magazines and several of the images went viral as a result of our submission to the WAN AWARDS, which has been a great help in our efforts to expand our international business!”"

Pir II - Wood Award 2013 Winner

“Pir II won the Wood In Architecture award 2013. This has resulted in positive recognition in the media, and we have received numerous congratulations from fellow professionals in the building industry. Most importantly though, the award has given even more recognition to the NINA-project as a built example with some innovative architectonic features. This enhances our opportunity to use some of these features as reference in new projects. This is important for us in how we create architecture.”

McDowell+Benedetti - Transport Award 2013 Winner

"Winning the World Architecture News Transport Award 2013 for Scale Lane Bridge has been very helpful in raising our practice's profile over the last year. The wide reach that WAN has through its website and newsletters has undoubtedly led to more press enquiries about the project, and has helped the project - and our practice - go on to be featured extensively online. Our public sector clients have been particularly impressed with the outcome.” McDowell+Benedetti

SWA Group - Urban Design Award 2013

“Urban open space makes cities livable. The WAN urban design award for Guthrie Green made us keenly aware of how landscape can create canvases for community life. The park is beautiful but it’s flexible and open, too. It hosts an amazing lineup of activities—yoga, belly dancing, concerts, movies, food markets, festivals. The lawn suffers but the people love it! As designers and planners, that’s like a dream come true.” Elizabeth Shreeve, SWA Group, Principal John Wong, FASLA, and Sergio Lima, Associate.

Martha Thorne - Juror of the 21-21 Award 2013

"The WAN awards are not only well-organized with very professional juries, they always reveal new and interesting projects. I am impressed by the innovative ideas and quality of the finalists. " Martha Thorne, Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize 

FXFOWLE - Transport Award 2013 Winner

“Our design for the Georgia Multi Modal Passenger Terminal represents an important shift in the paradigm of urban transportation planning. The recognition from WAN of both the project’s ambitious goals and our innovative design reinforces its significance. While it is always gratifying to have one’s work recognized, it is especially rewarding for the ideas that empower and animate our design to get both wider exposure and meaningful recognition as a result of the WAN award.” Jack Robbins, AIA, LEED AP, Principal

Erik Giudice Architects - Future Project Urban Regeneration 2012 Winner

"Winning the Urban regeneration award was a great moment for us. We were very happy to learn that the Wan jury had selected our project out of a large number of extremely good submissions. The jury’s motivation to the decision clearly proved how they had deeply understood and revealed the innovative character of our scheme. This public accolade from highly qualified colleagues highlighted our office´s capacity to plan and design multifaceted sustainable neighborhoods and cities.  Being the first ever winner of this award provided our team with motivation to innovate even further." Erik Giudice

KONE - Product of the Year Award 2012 Winner

“KONE received a World Architecture News (WAN) 2012 Product of the Year award for its KONE MonoSpace® 500 elevator. The panel of judges, consisting of experts from various disciplines and organizations, was impressed by the product's eco-efficiency and strong focus on sustainability. We are extremely proud to have received this award and consider it a recognition of our efforts to continuously improve the customer and user experience as well as enable a smooth flow of people in different kinds of urban environments.”

Olson Kundig - House of the Year Award 2010 Winner

"Being featured on WAN was probably the tipping point, the immediate reaction was an incredible upswing in blog activity: it just went global, you could see it happening virtually overnight. It certainly got our work out there and we already have two new clients who specifically referenced The Pierre.”"


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