Completion Date: August 2016


Xi Wang Display Park, Hangzhou, China
Place Design Group

The Xi Wang Display Park is a stunning, architecturally designed project built to last the test of time and grow old with the residents who will soon inhabit it.

Developer Vanke commissioned Place Design Group to design a truly harmonious, peaceful, yet highly functional recreational area for current and future residents which would also offer dual value in assisting to boost sales of the adjacent mixed-use residential development area.

The site is located just under 5 km away from the significant Xixi National Wetland Park, Hangzhou. The Park forms the start of a linear network of parks which will eventually link to this area.

A truly beautiful yet functional result has been achieved via a deeply considered design, evidenced by an increase in residential sales. The park has also become a popular place to recreate and commune for residents and guests. The developer is also now using the park as a primary point of difference in the sales and marketing strategy of the development, another sign of the success and unique proposition presented by the landscape design of the Xi Wang Display Park.

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