Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, Shanghai, China
John Portman & Associates

This project preserves and updates the former Shanghai Club at No. 2 Bund. The Shanghai Club, constructed in 1861, was originally a British men’s club. During the 1920s and 1930s, the club was Shanghai’s most exclusive venue. Patrons were greeted by a grand hall, clad in marble. The Long Bar was quite the attraction; a mahogany bar that measured 111 feet. In 1941, WWII brought the Japanese occupation of Shanghai. In 1949, the government appropriated the building and, in 1971, it was converted to the Dong Feng Hotel. In 1989, the former Long Bar became Shanghai’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The design intent was to restore and revitalize the historic club building, and then complement the preservation with the design of a new guestroom tower and a grand plaza linking the two buildings. The restoration needed to maintain the integrity of the Bund. Great care was taken in positioning the tower so that it did not dominate the club. At street level, the focus is on the historic façade while the tower blends into the backdrop of the city. The team created a sensitive design that honors both the heritage of the historic club as well as the modern spirit of the Bund today.

Not a trace of the original Long Bar remained beyond photographs and written accounts. Every effort was made to match the original look and feel. The atrium within the historic club showcases the bones that make the building so spectacular, as well as marble columns, stained glass, moldings, wrought iron balusters, and a pair of curved, bronze open Otis elevators, all restored to their original beauty.

The team did a fabulous job of molding the Waldorf image to that of the Shanghai Club. The result is a classic, enduring elegance. The project was completed in December 2010.

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