VANTAGE Laboratory (Vanderbilt Technologies for Advanced Genomics), Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Blair + Mui Dowd Architects, PC

On the ground floor of Vanderbilt University’s original medical center building (1923), a previously dark and isolated labyrinth of offices and laboratories is now a bright and transparent home for cutting-edge genetic research and the DNA repository of Vanderbilt Technologies for Advanced Genomics (VANTAGE). The main planning strategy of the project, completed in May 2012, was to reorganize circulation around the perimeter of the existing courtyard, and locate two large, flexible laboratory modules at each end with a spine of ancillaries along the connecting corridors. This allows researchers and visitors to maintain a visual connection across the landscaped courtyard, which serves as the primary collaboration space. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the new corridors use highly efficient ultra-clear glass (74% visible light transmittance, 0.40 SHGC) to provide ample natural light, enhance cross-lab connectivity, and encourage use of the central communal space. Natural light is filtered into the labs using a custom-pattern laminated ‘art glass’ partition. Inspired by the genetic research conducted within the lab, the patterned glass is opaque at eye-level to provide a comfortable level of privacy, then dissolves to a nearly transparent pattern above to maximize natural light from the courtyard into the work environment. The ‘art glass’ serves as a signature for VANTAGE, while easing the otherwise stark aesthetic environment within the laboratory by providing often secluded researchers a connection to the outdoors. In addition to its visual benefits, the use of glass facilitated a LEED Gold Certification by reducing the amount of interior lighting required, equating to a 21% improvement over the ASHRAE power density standard for lighting. As the robotic equipment behind the art glass continues to operate into the night, the laboratory courtyard becomes a glowing beacon of advanced genomic science in the center of the Vanderbilt University medical campus.

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