University of the Fraser Valley Canada Education Park Phase II, Chilliwack, BC, Canada
Stantec Architecture Ltd.

University of the Fraser Valley is a retrofit of five existing buildings, originally used as a military base. Integration of the existing buildings and capturing the existing courtyard space as internal space into one new cohesive whole is the main driving force behind the project. A Douglas fir glulam atrium structure acts as the connective tissue, filling in the existing exterior courtyard space, and knitting all existing and new construction into one building. This created the perfect opportunity to achieve a well-integrated and open learning environment for cross-pollination of faculties and sharing of resources.

Integration of the existing buildings and capturing the existing exterior courtyard space as internal space was important to the sustainability approach of this project. Arrangement of existing buildings retained allowed for separate, and clearly identifiable department zones.

A porous morphology was created by introducing large glazing openings on all existing exterior building facades. This accentuates a sense of openness and accessibility to the community.

Connectivity is achieved by a single spatial element that unites the multifaceted curricular goals of the campus through space and light. Exterior spaces between existing buildings presented opportunity for shared courtyard garden space.

Shifting the project focus from the existing East-West layout, which strongly focused inwardly onto the courtyard, To the North to South layout creates a more powerful connection to the rural landscape, to the proposed future landscape courtyard, and future campus master plan.

Sustainability and environmental stewardship were project goals achieved through: use of wood, adaptive re-use, geothermal heating, re-use of existing materials, environmentally responsible materials, solar shading devices, the creation of a solar chimney, centrally located atrium providing natural light deep in to the building to reduce lighting usage, and planting environmentally sensitive landscaping.

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