Tweeddale Road Residence, Perth, Australia
iredale pedersen hook architects

This house is for a couple and their three young boys, on a 400 sq m sub-division with a narrow west facing frontage and upper story views of a river to the north. 

Conceptually the house both addresses the street while providing a series of private interlinked living spaces opening onto a north-facing courtyard. These spaces are connected by a dramatic single run staircase to bedrooms and play spaces on the upper two floors.

These upper spaces were designed to capture the distant views of the river - in the manner of a lookout, with the apertures to the view being framed by aluminium screens. The form of this "lookout tower" was inspired in part by the strong formal shapes of the artillery spotting towers at Rottnest Island- a destination shared by both the Architects and Client. As one moves through the levels the intent is that of a feeling of moving from an introverted retreat to a floating viewing platform to the river and world beyond.

Applecross has undergone a dramatic change from between-the-wars California Bungalow suburb to gentrified "MacMansion" suburb dominated by faux-Tuscan Villas and lacklustre homogenous design. We shared a vision to produce a home that was a counterpoint to the new Applecross suburbia.

The clients have family gatherings of up to 12 adults and 10 children, the ability to have a variety of living spaces was a core requirement. The middle level currently has two bedrooms and an open playroom - with the intent that when the children are older a third room will be created.

The parents' “retreat” is at the top of the house - with a screened balcony and a small sitting room that can be closed off from the sleeping space with a curtain- allowing guests to come and share the view.

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