Completion Date: November 2016


Treehouse, London, United Kingdom
Studio Kyson

Forming the centrepiece of the ‘Beneath the Veneer’ exhibition in November 2016, the ‘Treehouse’ installation was unveiled to the public marking the practice’s 10th anniversary. Designed and crafted by members of Studio Kyson, the 'Treehouse' is an abstract take on a traditional concept using a material palette of charred timber (Shou Sugi Ban) and smoked mirrors, the installation explores the raw design principles of form, light and texture. Treehouse expresses these through a series of juxtaposed contrasts in solid and void, dark and light, rough and smooth. The reflections of the smoked mirrored exterior allow the installation to embed itself within its context. In addition, a series of small blocks of wood, also with charred surfaces, act as casual seating for the structure. Rather than building as a traditional treehouse, Studio Kyson's concept is for a demountable construction that can be shifted from place to place.

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