Transportation Energy Storage, Schenectady, NY, United States
EYP Architecture and Engineering

“Creating the future” has been the client’s business for more than a century. The adaptive reuse of Building 66 transformed an existing facility on the client’s plant into a new emblem of the client’s commitment to innovation. The former steam turbine production facility now houses research, development, and manufacturing of high-efficiency batteries, whose technology represents a quantum leap forward in energy storage.

In modernising the existing facility, the company sought to create a compelling, conspicuously sustainable visual identity for its newest business. We collaborated with process engineering consultants to adaptively reuse a 45,000 sq ft portion of the 200,000 sq ft 1960s structure - in a cost effective solution. The original facilities large-scale equipment – including 50 to 300 ton gantry cranes – was carefully extracted to make room for the lab /manufacturing centre and division headquarters. The existing building envelope was upgraded and resurfaced to project a unique identity and increase energy efficiency.

While a large portion of the renovated structure is devoted to the lab/manufacturing center, the public entrance was enhanced to create a new four storey atrium, where original structural elements contribute to a new industrial aesthetic. The atrium provides an impressive welcome to clients; its connection to work spaces makes it an ideal collaboration space that supports day-to-day as well as conference activity. The open workstations and flexible workspace design contribute to a stimulating environment that fosters the company’s culture of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. The facility integrates research, manufacturing, and commercial teams to advance breakthrough technologies and new businesses. Its design communicates the client’s forward-thinking brand, the excitement of research & development activity, and the company’s commitment to sustainability.

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