Completion Date: June 2014


STUDIO STRATUM / ARCO D.O.O./ Materia d.o.o.,

The Tourist Information Centre (TIC) has a clear form idea based around community focus, sustainability, and flexibility. The client aspiration was for an exemplar utilising wood to achieve an ambitious tourist information programme.

TIC is located at the entry to Postojna along the road leading to the main attractions of the region – the Postojna Cave and the Predjama Castle. The design reflects the current spatial and traffic arrangements on the site of a former petrol station. Having been moved to the southernmost part of the area, the programmatic zone enables the interplay of diversely designed closed and open spaces. An entry park with areas for relaxation and play is planned by the driveway to the rest stop, leading to a parking lot for 10 cars. The latter joins with the TIC building, with sanitary facilities and a refreshments area serving visitors and the local community.

The TIC building is composed of two distinct programmatic areas. The transparent commercial gallery serves as a tourist information centre by exhibiting works and providing information visible also from the outside in. The separate visitor services area consists of toilet and diaper-changing facilities. The transparent gallery area is flexible and allows the exhibits to be moved around.

The building has a cross-laminated timber structure with two supporting steel frames, a wooden facade and the interior wooden elements.

The emphasised common wooden envelope that runs from the facade to the roofing, canopy and the signboard is a spatial attractor, employing its form to economically merge various functions into a recognisable architectural structure. The building is designed in line with the principles of sustainable construction by the use of sustainable materials, form, and orientation. Moreover, the distinct characteristics of Notranjska and Karst construction are paraphrased by the use of local materials in a contemporary way.

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