Longhi Architects, LIMA, Peru
Longhi Architects

The Search for Inca contemporary architecture growing up in the Andes of Peru among natives and foreigners was important for architect Luis Longhi. “It made me feel like a native, while being educated as a foreigner I was confused by my Italian last name which did not have a meaning in the native language that I listened to everyday.”

For the architect, being the descendant of an Italian family with a tradition in architecture, who had migrated to Peru at the beginning of last century, the idea of ‘a hidden world’ begins to manifest in his work.

The concept and understanding of personal origins and the acceptance of influences both inborn and rational provoked Longhi to begin a personal search for Incan contemporary architecture inspired by the ancestral culture that Longhi’s Aymaran ancestors used to call ‘Abya Yala’; now known as Latin America. 

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