The Forus Vision, Stavanger, Sandnes and Sola, Norway
JUUL | FROST Architects

Forus Business Park is a key business cluster in the Norwegian oil- and gas industry. JUUL | FROST Architects have, with the involvement of stakeholders, developed a vision for the sustainable transformation of the area.

The scope of the Forus Vision is to develop a new urban concept that will help turn Forus Business Park into a “Knowledge City” with special emphasis on what can be shared and how to make people come together across interests and backgrounds. The transformation process is complex and runs over decades – hence the need for a robust strategy that takes into account investments in landscape, spaces, buildings, and mobility.

The vision includes four main vision parameters that in combination form a contract approved by both Forus Business Park, affected companies, the cities, and the public administration:

Green Forus
Defines how landscape and urban spaces work as defining catalysts for change.

The 10-minute city
A green infrastructural network of sustainable transportation like public transportation, foot- and bike paths, that make key programs accessible within a time range of ten minutes.

Defines how to support the diversity of the knowledge city, by applying public urban spaces and initiatives.

A strategy to prepare the area for the future, in terms of value creation, business opportunities, infrastructure and technology.

Forus Business Park includes 3.000 companies and has an annual turnover of 1.000 billion NOK, corresponding to the entire national budget of Norway. Once the area is fully transformed in 2040, more than 70.000 people will be working here. Furthermore, the plan is to build 15.000 new homes.

JUUL | FROST Architects have more than 30 years of experience in developing and transforming urban-, business-, and campus areas. The approach is holistic and takes into measure both commercial, structural, social and urban needs.

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