Stacked-Up House, Singapore, Singapore
RT+Q Architects Pte Ltd

The Stacked-up House was an opportunity to rethink the vertical form as authority setbacks for a three storey house is different from the second to the third level. As such, the building massing will have to observe a ‘stagger’ in the side as well as the rear.

Taken in good light as a design challenge, the house was conceived in three vertical parts that appear to be stacked up in a ‘random’ manner to camouflage the uneven massing of the authorities' regulations. The staggering and overlapping forms also proffered useful secondary spaces such as ledges, balconies and lightwells that add visual relief and delight to the house.

Such a gestalt thus enabled the creation of an ‘indeterminate form’ that reflects the uncertainties and vagaries of a contemporary suburban dwelling. Additionally, the owners brief of an all-white house which kept materials to a minimum as well as their request for a straightforward programme with the common space on the first floor, bedrooms on the second and family areas on the third helped to augment this tripartite composition thereby allowing the forms to order the composition and to enrich the architecture and spaces.

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