Completion Date: March 2016


Spectrum, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia
Kavellaris Urban Design

The Spectrum Apartments are expressed as strips of building volume which geometrically alternate over the floor plates to create a series of continuous articulated and dynamic façades. The terminations of the “Strips” are expressed with a spectrum of brightly coloured boxes, adding a vibrant interface to the public realm. Spectrum is situated on a site with three frontages and the objective was to interface with all three street frontages with an architectural language. The sculptured built form activates all three frontages with a continuous and dynamic architectural language.

The apartment that are interface to the east and west of the site are serviced by a communal circulation space. To maximise the communal amenity for the occupants of the apartments, Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD) designed the internal circulation areas with an open air atrium, acting as a “lung” to the development. This “lung” would provide for additional daylighting and natural cross ventilation to all the apartments, while allowing for vegetation to populate the atrium.  The entire proposal is cladded in black metal cladding to contrast the brightly coloured facades. This juxtaposition of a light and dark colour further highlights the “spectrum”, where the colours visually express and differentiation individual ownership. The colourful geometric narrative is also expressed and experienced internally to all the apartments and common areas.

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