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ZEST architecture

The project concerns the holiday home of an architect who had always dreamed of a spectacular and modern house, but who had ended up buying a stone ruin with views towards the Mediterranean Sea. The aim was to build a stylish, relaxed and comfortable house, low maintenance, sustainable but high in comfort.

Working within very restrictive regulations (the location lies within a national park), ZEST created a house that merges on many levels with the landscape and combines old and new in a striking minimalist way. New interventions make use of a limited palette of materials (wood, Corten steel, concrete and glass) and are set besides the original building as a separate layer. The traditional farmhouse aspect of the envelope is transformed by the addition of large openings on all sides, marked with deep Corten steel boxes and shutters.

To make the most of the views and the steeply inclined landscape, the program is turned upside down, with the family bedrooms downstairs (where the animals used to live) to keep them cool. Each opens directly onto the downstairs garden level. Upstairs are large, fluid open spaces for cooking and socializing, linked to the downstairs by means of two double height spaces, the entrance with its sculptural staircase in Corten steel, and the library.

The south-facing kitchen / dining room has a façade that can be opened completely to a newly created level in the terrain, and overlooks a natural swimming pool where plants and reeds keep the water clean.

The stone walls are insulated on the inside with cork and finished with clay, to keep the construction breathable. The underfloor heating and cooling system runs on a geothermal installation, and all wastewater is recycled to water the garden.

Architects: ZEST Architecture, Co Govers and Joana Ramalhete

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