Søgne City hall and library, Søgne, Norway

Interaction between old and new

The horseshoe shaped building from 1974 was in dire need of upgrading and expansion. At the same time one of the challenges in shaping the new Culture and Town Hall, was keeping and emphasizing the buildings' history and identity.

a-labs concept for transformation implies a full renovation of the existing building mass, a new, suspended top floor and restoration of the space between the old and the new building mass. The solution releases valuable space for an open, indoor atrium as well as various common areas both outside of and on top of the building. At the same time, this architectural answer ensures easy orientation within, benefitting both employees and visitors.

Open and inviting

The central atrium is the buildings' new, main common space and ties together the expanded library with the reception and service desk at the ground floor.

The new and transparent façade and the new entrance towards the urban space Town Hall plaza acts open and invitingly towards the public and also engages and practically draws the urban plaza into the building. Above the entrance, the new top floor acts as a cantilevered canopy covering the outdoor stage below.

A golden orientation point

The Council Hall has a custom made oak interior, developed in collaboration with local craftsman Stig Drange. A golden impression is achieved by the anodized aluminum cladding on the new building mass, whereas the existing building mass is given a dark colored cladding. Thus the rejuvenated Town Hall becomes a distinct, shiny and golden orientation point in its environs.

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