Rose Park Residence, Adelaide, Australia
dimitty andersen architects

This project sits in the predominately heritage suburb of rose park in the inner suburbs of Adelaide and is an extension to a 1910 bluestone villa.

The ground floor level extension carried through the masonry language of the old building. Solid white walls sculpt new spaces and channel the sunlight and daylight. Carefully placed openings allow for seamless connections from inside to outside and give the occupant views across the site.

The upper level is contained in a fluid grey zinc clad form which references surrounding roofing elements. It is disconnected from the front building and appears to float over the ground floor walls. The intersection of the rectilinear ground and curved first floor, has created and double height void that facilitates communication from all areas and affords opportunities for natural light to penetrate deep into the ground floor while exposing some complex geometries.

At a macro level, consideration was given to the orientation and position of new work in regards to solar access and natural ventilation. A double thickness insulated western wall, minimal western and eastern glazing, controlled shading of northern windows, underground rainwater tank, permaculture rooftop garden are all features of this house. Cool breezes flush any heat from the top level and winter sun is captured at upper and lower levels to warm the space.

The clients were looking for an extension to the traditional part of their home which had better access to natural light, took advantage of views to the Adelaide Hills and was efficient in its use of space. They were open and supportive of a contemporary architectural vision for the site. The project demonstrates that it is possible to meaningfully contribute to a traditional Adelaide home in a contemporary and sustainable manner.

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