Completion Date: September 2014


STUDIO STRATUM / ARCO D.O.O./ Materia d.o.o.,

The City Municipality of Nova Gorica held two competitions for the renovation of physically, environmentally and socially degraded public spaces in its centre. This marked the beginning of a more sustainable development of the city.

In the first phase, three areas were developed in the city centre. Bevk’s Square is designed as an active urban surface with a uniform pavement, urban furniture, and trees, which preserve and upgrade its function as the city’s living room. The square’s physical asymmetry is used to its advantage, allowing for the formation of micro ambiences. The square becomes pedestrian-friendly, a playground, a resting place with wooden landings, and a summer garden with a fountain.

With its newly developed parterre, Rusjan’s Square connected the surrounding buildings with a modernist monument dedicated to the pioneer aviator Edvard Rusjan, while adding a multi-purpose wooden platform next to a cork oak providing shade.

Rose Square became a public area that fosters social interactions and provides space for festivals, yoga, and markets. The material and colour of the urban furniture were coordinated with the paving. The semantic and symbolic understanding of the area is paraphrased by a rose, as echoed in the pixelated concrete paving.

Thoughtfully designed walkable spaces and green areas engage citizens and provide other mixed-use opportunities. The sustainable development of the city centre public area encourages social interactions, provides a favourable microclimate, arrangements for the visually and motor-impaired, removal of traffic areas from the centre, and restoration of the deteriorated underground municipal infrastructure.

The renovation had immediate positive effects on the renovation of buildings as well as the programmatic renovation of premises and other public areas in the vicinity. This urban landscape project is of benefit to the community, promoting community-oriented enhancements, including a pedestrian-friendly centre with flexible and multipurpose open spaces and accessible green areas.

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