Rehabilitation Centre Xi´an GaoXin, Xi´an, China
Nickl & Partner Architekten AG

The rehabilitation centre GaoXin is intended to be a place of healing and wellbeing. In this spirit we have developed a concept that combines functionality with the highest quality of residence.

Embedded in a lush landscaped garden, the towers of the new centre are arranged in a relaxed and yet exciting relation to each other. As a further development of the GaoXin hospital, the programme of the GaoXin Rehabilitation Centre plans not only the three 10-storey towers but also an oxygen dome and a multifunctional base level.

The green context in which the quadratic property is located allows a lot of freedom for the development of a well aerated and planted ensemble. The spatial concept of the GaoXin Rehabilitation Centre is based on a kind of windmill, under which the three towers are organised into a cluster on the quadratic property. This creates a campus that blends perfectly into the surroundings. Despite the size and complexity of the spatial programme, the balanced proportions of the rooms and the clear arrangement of the buildings generate a great degree of security and orientation for patients, visitors and staff. Important criteria for the layout of the towers included studies of sunlight and air circulation, in order to guarantee optimum lighting and ventilation.

Between the towers and above the representative foyer, with its shops and cafés, there is a central garden for patients. The patients can use the garden and the adjacent green areas for strolling and retreat, undisturbed by the main traffic of admissions and visitors. The entrance to the foyer is reached via the southern area of the property, along a gently curved path through a naturally designed greenway, traversed by watercourses. Patients, staff and visitors therefore experience their first approach to the rehabilitation centre as a stroll through the blossoming garden.

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