Completion Date: December 2013


Raiffeisen Multifunktionszentrum, Graz - Raaba, Austria
DI Strohecker ZT Gmbh

Raiffeisen Multipurpose Centre Styria

The diversity of Raiffeisen Bank Group finds its architectural articulation through intended subdivision of the building into different functional zones, which in turn form buildings outer appearance. This enables the creation of varied building levels as well as diverse views, both from inside and outside.

United together into one – everything works separately in a common structure. 

Office spaces are equipped with state of the art technology and are designed in full respect to Work Psychology – there are diverse in appearance, with open typology and numerous ‘rest and recuperate’ areas.
The courtyard, which is encompassed by the building itself from three sides, serves as a central meeting point and represents the heart of the whole structure.

Open but still private – wide views but clearly visible – multifaceted but logically structured

The Multipurpose Hall, with adjacent café-restaurant and conference spaces is envisioned as an essential functional and social link of the Raiffeisen Bank Group. It is a meeting point where all the cogs of Raiffesien structure can be assembled into one.

Object Exterior:

Starting point for a new design of the Multipurpose Centre was the need of Raiffeisen Bank Group for a spacious, optimised and centralised headquarters. The new structure would consist of three distinct buildings: Multipurpose Centre, parking garage and system building.

Primary urbanistic goal was raising the quality of Dr. Auner Starsse, so that the newly created entrance space creates an urban appeal. Furthermore, the multipurpose hall, also oriented towards Dr. Auner Strasse, is designed as an ‘eye catcher’ in an otherwise relatively dull surroundings, thus enhancing the ‘new urban’ appearance of the entire street. The three separate office wings of the structure form a ‘Z’ around existing building.
Parking garage is a separate entity as well as the system building. The façade of the garage will over a certain time period become a fully green facade, thanks to diverse plants planted atop its steel framework.

Main visitor’s entrance is from the south side, over a ‘Raiffeisen Square’, whilst employees enter through the parking garage, connected to the main building with an elegant bridge construction. The ground floor is in general the main communications hub as it houses largely public spaces, such are café-restaurant, multipurpose hall and small bank branch for common customers.
Spacious foyer, which stretches over three levels is centrally located in regard to the main functions of the entire structure. It connects the underground garage with multipurpose hall and restaurant. In it, one finds a main information point and building reception. Furthermore, with its elevated gallery and noble material finishes the foyer serves as a grandiose entrance scenario for the Bank. Upper levels house a succession of office spaces with interpolated conference rooms and VIP areas.

The restaurant kitchen is conceived as a ‘fresh cooking kitchen’. Entire eating area is oriented towards the courtyard, which in turn is designed as a public square with water fountains, walking paths and different resting arrangements.

North side of the entire complex borders with a recessed internal street, which has a practical function as a main supply route, for all sorts of goods, in and out of the building.

Object Interior:

Soft, flowing lines are dominant feature of the interior throughout.
Connecting and directing, rest areas and communication spaces, Perspectives and views – these are basics of architectural interpretation of high quality modern work spaces.
A rather reserved attitude in material finishes and matching forms, support the desire of the investor to set the main focus on the employees. Human capital stands in this modern environment not only as a motto, it is practically implemented.

The multipurpose hall is also envisioned as a connecting link between Raiffeisen Regions. On one side, it serves for internal events and lectures, whilst also being used as a meeting point of all Raiffeisen branches, and as a classroom of international economics.

The cafeteria is also conceived as a modern meeting point, throughout entire work day, and not only for employees but also for their guests. It serves about 1000 persons per day. Differently designed dining tables and their correlations create an array of communication possibilities.

Office spaces themselves, are characterised with a newly interpreted ‘open office’ concept - separated rest zones, different coves, discussion tables and utility areas (small kitchens) contribute to the creation of the new, flexible and transparent character of the work place, oriented towards the future.

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