Quaba House, Edinburgh , United Kingdom
Oberlanders Architects LLP

Although originally from Iraq, our clients have lived and worked in Scotland for most of their professional lives. They required a new home which would respect their Muslim traditions, provide substantial accommodation for both themselves and their extended family, while equally reflecting their adopted homeland. Accommodation was needed for themselves, together with connected (but substantially independent) facilities for their son and his family, plus further accommodation for occasional use by other family members or visiting friends and colleagues. Reception rooms were required for entertaining, together with self-contained secretarial facilities, a swimming pool and four car garage.

The new house essentially consists of two staggered “family” wings on split levels, connected by a central entrance hall containing a feature staircase specifically designed to be shared by the complete family. Rooms are laid out to maximise flexibility, so that spaces can be attributed to either individual family or visiting friends and family as required. The plan form respects the client’s preference to include curved elements, while the massing and elevations blend historical elements with a contemporary flavour, in a manner which attempts to reflect the disparate cultures of Scotland and Iraq, while attempting to retain a domestic, rather than commercial, scale – which was always a design challenge for such a large house and complex brief.

Each “family” wing has its own separate semi-private, south facing garden, set at different ground levels as dictated by the site. The north facing garden area is being planted as a new woodland to allow the tower and wing elements to rise out of the trees with the imagery of a contemporary castle.

Having initially requested a traditional house the client is now totally converted to life in a contemporary home where interconnecting space, light and orientation have been the driving factors of the design solution.

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