Completion Date: December 2013


Perth City Link Rail Alliance Project, Perth, Australia
GreenhilLi Pte Ltd

The project, completed in December 2013 is the reconfiguration of Perth Station connecting the heritage at-grade city rail station with the Perth Underground.

The approach to the architecture was to provide clear and direct routes linking underground with above ground spaces; articulated with colour and texture; punctuated with daylight where possible. Changes in direction needed to be spacious, clear, uncluttered, adequately sized to suit pedestrian flow, and to avoid congestion. Critical junctures where passenger merging flows occur at the base of stairs and escalators were opened up to accommodate circulation flow. Splayed corners which respond better to pedestrian flow were planned into the design and this strongly influenced a ‘triangular diagrid’ geometry which underscored the design planning and into the ceiling design. This complemented the pedestrian movement patterns and influenced the architectural expression. The splayed corners are articulated with bold colour and includes the platform numbering system as super-graphics to break up the length of the subway which is deliberately neutrally toned so that the merging pedestrian flows become prominent within the space. Skylights were introduced to reinforce this with natural light and to provide visual connections between below and above ground spaces.

The architecture of these skylights follows the geometry of the circulation flow and the resultant sculptural forms are ‘origami’ expressions of metal and glass continuing the underground architectural language up into the platforms above and forming a contrasting but contemporary architecture within the heritage context. They also allow the underground spaces to be completely naturally ventilated. With the construction of new platforms to the north and the subway underpass adjacent to the heritage ‘Horseshoe Bridge’, the existing (space-frame) roof was extended to the north and west to provide improved weather protection and a means of providing a new architectural expression for the station.

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