Completion Date: March 2010


Omar Gandhi Architect, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Omar Gandhi Architect Inc.

As a burgeoning, small firm building an identity, we form genuine relationships, and work in a way that unifies people with the land. The phenomenological qualities of the climate add sincerity to our architectural narratives. The elements that shape the landscape, shape our architecture in kind. Placed within the context of a global environmental awareness we believe that architecture should evolve beyond its role as a barrier against the elements, towards a more integrated model wherein the elements form part of the architecture itself.

Our built work spans from urban in-fill and renovations to rural homes, coastal cottages and a resort. The range of collaborations, budgets and sites we take on is broad, but consistently focuses on craftsmanship, landscape, and materials. This approach is based firmly on a methodology of choosing materials and forms that express and respond to the specific qualities of a site. Beginning with a simple local typology, the forms are iteratively morphed and collaboratively sculpted to conditions and use. These reconstituted adaptations are receptive and responsive, keep to a modest lineage and make for architecture that is accessible and engaging.

This year Omar Gandhi received the Professional Prix de Rome in Architecture and is excited to focus on integrating traditional values of craftsmanship and landscape with digital design and manufacturing techniques. Blending these processes will shape a new climatically-integrated, regionally-inspired architecture that looks to the past but takes advantage of everything that technology and contemporary knowledge has to offer in an effort to move towards a sustainable future.

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