Completion Date: December 2017


Office 287, Graz, Austria
DI Strohecker ZT Gmbh

Striking appearance of the ‘Office 287’ is the result of an intended aim to attract possible tenants as fast as possible.

The client wished to expand for-rent office space in a couple of successive phases. The first one being the corner stone that will give a distinctive character to the whole ensemble and will function as a pull factor for potential further tenants.

The project is placed in a so called ‘bacon belt’ of the city of Graz, where there is no clear urbanistic approach and buildings are often the end product of profit maximisation. In this environment it was necessary to answer with a strong design that will unmistakably stand out.

For this purpose a parametric façade design was implemented. The form derives from a basic box that is disbanded from its structuralism. It is horizontally divided with windows and openings and additionally twisted along all three axes until it only loosely resembled its original form. This approach makes for lighter appearance of the whole new structure, so that the existing three stories are not supressed completely.

This is furthermore enhanced by colour assignment. Yellow being the lighter colour, sitting atop, and black being the heavy one sitting as the base. This results in an overhanging, eye catching structure that defines its close surrounding area.

Interior, on the other hand, remains bound by the simple box. This ensures the best use of space for office purposes. Clear straight lines dominate on the inside, with large glass division walls, leaving a feeling of openness and collaborative atmosphere.

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