Completion Date: December 2016


Nha Than Thien 003, Hanoi, Vietnam
Global Architects & Associates

The idea was conducted based on three factors: A space for the weekend in the urban area with high construction density; The use of local materials, creating a rustic but also homely atmosphere; last but not least, Energy savings for a sun-damaged home.

Spatial conception:The house is built as a four-storey vacation house. The ground floor is used for garage, kitchen, dining room and additional function spaces. The grand double volume dining room, surrounded by a living room, small library and corridor on the first floor, improves connection between occupants and gives the living space a dynamic interactive quality. The private living areas are located on upper floors. A void runs along the house from front to back, to ensure that every space in the house receive natural light and ventilation.

Materials: Traditional architecture and local materials are applied to the house, which serves modern lifestyle of the owner. Raw concrete, stone, steel, glass are combined with clay tile, wood and bamboo in a flexible way to create a rustic, peaceful atmosphere of tropical architecture. The whole façade of this house faces west towards the lane, was designed as a giant louvred screen. Combining with sliding, powder-coated aluminium-frame windows and stainless steel balustrades, the louvres create an infinite variety of moods inside the house.

Energy saving: The design does not use high-tech solutions to save energy, but some simple methods by materials and space arrangement

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