Completion Date: December 2015


Madrid Rio, Madrid, Spain
Burgos & Garrido; Porras La Casta; Rubio & Álvarez-Sala; West 8

The Madrid Río project consists of the reorganization and the urban design of 6 miles of public space along the banks of the river Manzanares, which flows southward through the city of Madrid.

The design of this big park with a surface of over 360 acres includes:

- 12 new pedestrian-bridges

- 15 acres of public and sports facilities, social, communal and artistic amenities

- An urban beach

- Children’s areas

- The restoration of the river’s hydraulic architectural heritage.

Mainly, the Madrid Río project deals altogether with two urban targets that can be easily identified:

1. The project heals the wounds caused over 40 years by the motorway situated within the urban and social fabric. It also heals the wounds produced by the tunneling works themselves, which were quite significant and aggressive. This was achieved with the design and construction of over 30 miles of sidewalks; the reorganization of the traffic and the public transport lines and system; the construction of 12 new footbridges over the river and the rehabilitation of 6 existing ones, making them more pedestrian friendly.

2. The design and construction of a completely open public space essentially covered with trees which is used by all, skaters, cyclists, strollers, climbers, runners, locals and city visitors. Longitudinally, it links the amazing exterior landscapes of Madrid, mostly wild still, with its strongly urban and dense interior. Something difficult to achieve in compact and old cities like Madrid. Transversally, it connects the historical city center with the modern periphery. Thus, the project establishes a physical and conceptual continuity, which did not previously exist, between the city center and the valuable countryside that surrounds it. As a result, the river Manzanares has become the node that connects the city with its geography.

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