Luton MPT, London, United Kingdom
Arup Associates

Luton Airport MPT, is a state-of-the-art mass passenger transit system linking two new stations: Luton Airport Parkway station and London Luton Airport.

The driving ambition for the architecture is to create stations that act as place-makers enhancing the passenger experience. The new 2.2km line and its stations will offer a seamless journey from land to air. The simple yet elegant architecture of the scheme defines the spaces for the London Luton Airport transfer route.

Through careful considerations around sustainability, the stations will be largely naturally day lit and naturally ventilated. This also simulates an airport environment within the stations. The common architectural language in the form of parasol structures is repeated across the wider development and ties the stations together. Each parasol is held by a single centrally loaded column and cantilever across approximately 20m spans. The parasols protect passengers from the weather whilst allowing for spacious, open and naturally lit concourses.

All materials and fixtures and fittings within the station have been chosen for their sustainable qualities, to ensure reduced need for maintenance and replacement of materials. All lighting has been designed with long life luminaires and have only been placed in locations where necessary to cover the station lux requirements.

The station roof will be formed of three parasol structures identical in structural behaviour to the Luton Airport Parkway station, a deep trough structure forms the floor and walls of the station; and the entrance to the station at ground level is enclosed by smaller but similar parasol structures with cladding/glazing to the walls.

The MPT will transform the experience of those travelling to the airport by rail, and encourage more people to do so, enhancing the airport’s already impressive environmental track record and helping to reduce congestion on the roads.

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