Completion Date: August 2014


Knight Architects, High Wycombe, United Kingdom
Knight Architects

Established in 2006, Knight Architects is a specialist architectural consultancy working exclusively in the field of bridge and infrastructure design. The practice believes that bridges are a very important component of both built and natural environment – highly visible forms that have a significant impact on their locality.

Our projects are often in high-profile or sensitive locations and in the cultural and political spotlight, and we are skilled at creating appropriate, beautiful and contextual designs which blend architectural sensitivity, economy and engineering efficiency.

We work in harmony with clients and leading bridge engineers worldwide to create distinctive designs which serve communities, strengthen identity and generate value. This could be a design which responds to an aspiration for a landmark structure; a bridge that draws inspiration from local culture, lends a sense of identity to a particular area and which provides a community focal point. Contrastingly the project can call for a more understated, ‘everyday’ approach where a highly complex series of constraints are elegantly and resourcefully satisfied in the final design.

Beautiful, efficient bridge design should satisfy both artistic and scientific analysis to be visually legible and structurally truthful. Resolving the relationship between the two is the key to every Knight Architects’ project.

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