Jazeera Airwarys Terminal, Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Jazeera Airways Airport Terminal aims to both alleviate the current overcrowding at Kuwait International Airport and meet the requirements of travelers in Kuwait for many more years to come.

One of the largest-scale and most important infrastructure projects currently under construction in Kuwait, the new terminal will divert 1.5 million passengers a year from the extremely busy airport once it opens in early 2018. This will increase to over 2.5 million travelers per year in the next few years.

The exterior has been designed to project stability and strength, reflecting the core traits of the airline that will call it home.

A perforated metal mesh and glass is used in the exterior design to create a diamond-inspired facade representing the iconic Jazeera Airways logo. It is constructed from a solid stone base, with glazed glass and a folded, perforated upper level which provides shade to passengers inside the terminal.

The exterior also features grey limestone and dark rendered concrete, creating a stark and eye-catching contrast with the blue glass and silver metal that comprises most of the exterior.

The centrepiece of the facility is a colorful and energetic feature wall which runs from the arrival gates to the baggage claim terminals and into the main arrival hall. This wall, covered with printed silk, serves to distinguish the terminal from most other staid and utilitarian airport terminals across the world. The print on the fabric subtly conveys the Jazeera brand throughout the building, and can be replaced at low cost to provide a quick refresh to the overall look and feel of the structure.

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