Completion Date: August 2016


i-Rock, Arrecife, Lanzarote. Canary Islands., Spain
OOIIO Architecture

“The welcoming Rock”

Canary Islands Chamber of Architects organized an open competition to design a temporary Touristic Information Stand to be located in the arrivals hall of Lanzarote´s Airport.

Tourism is the main island business and thousands of visitors get to this beautiful island every year through its airport to enjoy the warm weather and the amazing and beautiful volcanic Lanzarote´s landscape.

The 16 m2 small stand was called to take a great responsibility: welcome everyone from around the world to the island and promote its image as a contemporary, attractive and sustainable destination.
i-Rock was the winner proposal!

“Another rock in the hall”

There is nowhere as impersonal as an Airport Terminal. How to create an interesting small building inside of a big Arrivals Hall?

Lanzarote´s inhabitants are in love of their island and its unique dark volcanic landscapes, and unconsciously years ago they had the need of personalizing the white marble cladded Airport Arrivals Hall decorating it with big black volcanic rocks inside, breaking that strange interior whiteness for them with pieces of their beloved natural landscape.

We as architects detected that and decided to design the small stand as another rock in the hall.

“i-Rock” is inspired in local “olivine” minerals (volcanic crystals with intense green interior and black porous exterior). As a "building-geode" you can open or close it easily thanks to several hinges and wheels which allow two of its pieces to spin.

That simple mechanism transforms i-Rock look completely from day to night:

Closed “i-Rock” is a dark container that protects all the exhibition equipment (screens, stools, pamphlets, computers, etc.)

Open “i-Rock” is a shiny green stand, where all that exhibition equipment is shown to the visitors, calling your attention with its two opened arms to give you a big welcome hug!

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