Daigo Ishii + Future-scape Architects, Kanonji, Kagawa and Tokamachi, Nigata, Japan
Daigo Ishii + Future-scape Architects

Reflect a locality and surpass a locality

It means to express respect to the past and an existing context and, at the same time, to find the new future and a possibility over the locality.

“Cottage in Tsumari” is located in a heaviest snowfall region in Japan often as deep as 4 m. The exterior appearance is a reflection of local techniques for withstanding heavy snow and is designed so that locals wouldn’t be conscious of the new architecture in a well-liked woods park by using local finishes which they used to seeing and forget to see. The interior is composed of Big Black Box as the maximum volume possible within the budget and White Tube as essential functions for staying. Upon integrating the two, both volumes interfere complicatedly and generate an unexpected space. The exterior produces continuity with locality while the interior and the contrast between both brings independence from it.

“House of Toilet” is a project to change an isolated island as a periphery in Japan into the self-reliant center. By reflecting a locality on the architecture, the island’s identity is strengthened and locals perceive that the island and each one are the center of the world.

Specifically, slits of light going toward six places of six continentals cross the architecture. Those are reference points on the world to define a geographical coordinate of the island. Meanwhile, other slits of light show the solar orientation of 9 a.m. on the dates of three traditional ceremonies and the solstices to define a time coordinates of the island. Eleven slits clarify the island’s identity on space and time. Moreover, various local landscapes like a color, finish, an alley like a maze or well for collecting rainwater are overlaid on it. It is similar to a locality but different from it.

Featured projects: House of Toilet, Cottage in Tsumari

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