Completion Date: May 2015


Hong Kong East Community Green Station, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Architectural Services Department

How can we create a recycling station in our neighbourhood that would have a positive impact on the community? We don’t want to build just a rubbish collection point, but a positive addition to the local area. At the heart of urban residential area, we create a small green oasis to embody a sense of community through using green wall, bamboo trellis and courtyard garden. We injected this left-over temporary carpark underneath the major flyover in Sai Wan Ho with vibrancy and turn into a small public urban forum.

The station reaches out to the community for collection of recyclables from housing estates and schools to help implement the “reduction first” waste management strategy from Environmental Protection Department and contributing to local green recycling industry. It also promotes green and healthy living through exhibitions and educational programmes.

The concept is to create a street through the site to connect the surrounding communities. Greenies of the nearby Park are extended to the old district through this urban intercourse. The Station is divided into small separate blocks along our Street that hold exhibitions and educational programmes, and recycling facilities that allows recyclable collections at the other end.

The Street together with the garden embodies variety of gathering places, creates multiple layer of space from public to private, from open space, semi-open space to enclosed area, as an interpretation of pavilions in Chinese Garden. Although the building is temporary, it embodies permanent cultural value, rediscovers our roots and finds parallel with prevailing green features.

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