Haus, Aalen-Wasseralfingen, Aalen, Germany

Before building the house, the owners lived in a small, lopsided, newly renovated house with crooked rooms in the inner-city. Living in such a confined space has changed completely their concept of a private residential building. Before, they always wanted a large, spacious house. Now, the new home had to be cosy and with short distances. At the same time, it should also look lavish and above all be full of light (which they missed in the inner-city).

They found a plot on the hillside with an unobstructable view.

The disadvantages: The hillside faces north. With a beautiful view – but also facing north. There is only a cul-de-sac on the southern side. But it is filled with hordes of pedestrians on their way to the countryside on the weekends.

The solution: Despite facing north, the rooms with large glass panes open up toward the view. Southern sunlight is directed into the house through skylights and the air space and playfully paints light on the walls and floors all day long. The roof loggia on the northern side catches the last rays of the evening sun and directs them into the house and directly onto the dining area through its floor-to-ceiling window.

The building was placed as far away from the street as possible to keep the southern terrace away from the street as much as possible and to protect the privacy of the residents. The loggia increases that distance once again and at the same time protects against sunshine and rain. The ground in front of the terrace was raised a little and planted.

The intensive natural illumination of the house reduces the need for artificial light. The skylights allow natural ventilation of the building.

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