Completion Date: December 2014


H&P Architects, Hanoi, Vietnam
H&P Architects

With H&P Architects, architecture consists of three elements which can not be separated: the “Behavior”, the “Language” and the “Mind”.

Firstly, “Behavior” is the act of making the personal lives and communities to adapt. Not only to preserve but also to develop. Architecture "lives" in the strict relationship between Humans - Natural - Social. It adapts to the climate of each region in the natural environment, can take advantage of - in response to what benefit - at a disadvantage. Along with, the general – the fusion - the integration of the drastic changes in the real life, always lively elements as inspiration, creating ample material for architectural composition. The role of conduct "spiritual content".

Secondly, “Language”: architecture not only gives a true space of social psychology - also, sometimes, it has to make a step ahead of the predicted time for the transformation of society in future. Language of architecture - as well as the general language - including vocabulary and grammar. Vocabulary derived from behavior, have ancient origins with some open, symbiotic relationship with nature of the work - the local perspective as the original. Recast into an alphabet's valuation, is to coordinate with each other in a private grammar, making the space to raise its voice, vibration, images, humanity, eager for the human life. Grammar systems will increasingly wealthy and rich structure due to "open" flexible, can be localised with the words "exotic", the emergence of new words in the process of social transformation. Language makes widespread incidence of both content and form. Language, own the responsibility to express feelings, thoughts of the people; itself transformed into "cover material" of "spiritual content".

Thirdly, “Mind”: that way of thinking - dominant, the decision behavior and language, and making behavior and language pervaded its own style. The mind swirled with behavior and language, supporting, beyond a gross organic unity in the reality of social life.

H&P Architects was founded in Vietnam on June 2009 by Doan Thanh Ha & Tran Ngoc Phuong – both graduated from Hanoi Architectural University in 2002. Today, have 8 members and examples of work include: Toigetation (completed Dec.2014); SRDP-IWMC Office (completed Oct.2014); Cheering Restaurant (completed Oct.2014); BES Pavilion (completed Aug.2013 - received Vietnam Green Architecture Award 2014); Blooming Bamboo Home (completed Sep.2013 - received The International Architecture Award 2014 and received Highly commended in the AR House Awards 2014 & WAN House of the Year 2014).

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