H house, Soskut, Hungary
Budapest Architectural Workshop Ltd.

The 3 hectares site is located 20 km from Budapest at the end of a small village. The 196 sq m building stands on the edge of the flat part of the land facing to the forest on the sloping part.

The ground plan is created by using a reinforced concrete modular system made of a 12 square meter units. This unit is repeated in two rows next to each other: on one side there are the unit sized rooms and on the other side there is a hallway running through the whole house nipping off space from the units’ width on the right side of the longitudinal axis and creates smaller rooms for the bathrooms and the storage units. Still fitting into the logical grid, an asymmetrical elements help to lift the system’s rigidity: one of the living room’s four modules opens up towards the attic adding the third dimension to the space.

The pitched roof follows the peasant architecture’s symmetrical, 41 degrees form, and its ridge is defined by the hallway’s left wall, which is independent from the modular system. Thus the ridge’s line is pulled away from the house’s longitudinal axis and generates a column-less porch on the forest-facing side with its large eaves.

Above the heated apartment, the roof has got shingle cover, while the eaves and the roofed terrace have metal sheet covers. Unified with the roof, the walls got shingles too but the metal sheeted northeast façade and the striped metal rolling shutters give variety to the house’s overall image.

The primer part of the heating system is a ground-source heat pumps. The source of the toilette flush is a grey water. The total energy consumption is 47,2 kWh/m2 per year.

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