Completion Date: June 2016


Good Morning Cafe, Suwon-si, Korea

The Governor’s residence of Gyeonggi-do province, the oldest official government residence built in Korea, was restored/renovated as a guesthouse for the public use, and a café extension was built across the lawn to host public events and banquets. During the weekdays the café is operated normally, however in weekends, the café is lent for free to couples with low-income for their marriage events.

To host various programs, the building was designed as an ‘Open Platform’: a wide and low roof hovering above a flat surface. The Open Platform consists of minimal infrastructure such as a bar, restroom, and storage. The remainder is open, flexible platform that can host various events.

To meet such requirements, the roof was constructed with Post-Tension for withstanding extra-long span; the entire roof is supported by Four Pots containing maple trees. This structure will enable the café to be fully embraced within the lush context of the site.

Furthermore, the form of the roof is designed to gather rainwater and supply it to the maple trees without any additive machinery. The glass perimeter is installable without outstanding framing, which is possible since there is no load transferred to the glass panels. The removal of frames enhances one’s experience of openness, and seamlessly connects the interior with the surrounding nature.

To further amplify the openness, the materials used on the outside are applied in the interior as well. Additionally, lighting and mechanics were placed underground to maintain a clean ceiling surface. Streetlamps were utilized as interior lightings for the interior to have an extended outdoor sensation.

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