Completion Date: May 2015


Glaze, London, United Kingdom
Cousins & Cousins

Cousins & Cousins’ multi-coloured jewel-like pavilion Glaze was commissioned by Gx Glass – a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of glass to architects and interior designers. Situated on St John’s Square, London, Glaze formed part of the ‘Clerkenwell Design Week 2015 Presents’ programme, a specially commissioned project to create a focal hub for the festival and the result of collaboration between organisers Media 10 Ltd and specialist material sponsor Gx Glass.

The purpose of the pavilion was to showcase the variety of Gx Glass’ products, to reinforce the key message that Gx Glass offers bespoke solutions and also to build on the foundation of their heritage and subject matter expertise within the industry. 

During the three day festival Glaze became a kaleidoscopic meeting point which played host to a variety of talks and workshops including daily live drawing sessions by London-based graphic illustrators Grace Easton and Aurelia Lange. Visitors were also able to draw on the glass and to leave paper messages with ideas for the pavilion’s reuse on the magnetic walls. 

Drawing on the heritage of Clerkenwell as a centre of design and manufacture, such as the former Victorian glassworks at the Farmiloe building. ‘Glaze’ offers a journey through a multitude of Gx Glass’ products that vary in size and colour, creating a walk through a visual wonder. The vibrant panels alternate between opaque and transparent, inspired by Venetian Murano glass sweets. The project celebrates the various applications in construction, interiors, installation art and sculpture. A lightweight steel frame holds glass of different widths and finishes that draws the visitor towards the centre of the installation. A linear LED strip runs through the structure lighting it up like a beacon at night. 

Fully demountable and reusable, the installation is designed to highlight and celebrate the versatility of glass, its colour and the surface designs that make glass an important medium through which designers and architects can realise their ideas.

Glaze has been exhibited at Clerkenwell Design Week 2015 and UK Construction Week 2015, Birmingham. The pavilion is in the final phases of organisation to secure its permanent location and use as a community hub.

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