FGMF arquitetos, São Paulo, Brazil
FGMF arquitetos

FGMF produces a contemporary architecture, without any restraints regarding the use of material and building techniques, seeking to explore the connection between architecture and its environment.

In these few years of existence, the firm have had the opportunity to deal with a wide range of architectural scales, what enhances our belief that, just as life itself, architecture ought to be plural, heterogeneous and dynamic. Urban realm, cultural facilities, residences, sports complexes, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings and many other are part of the same urban landscape and of our daily life: knowing how to deal with all these programs is a way to enrich our design, in contrast to a specialized architecture.

Based on the professional and academic experience of its associates, FGMF has an innovative and inventive approach. There are no pre-conceived formulae: at every challenge we start from scratch, using design as a research tool

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