Completion Date: September 2014


Dune House, Terschelling, Netherlands
Marc Koehler Architects

The Dune House, half-sunk into the dunes in Terschelling, is an environmentally friendly design with a minimal ecological footprint. Through intensive colaboration with the clients, a tailor-made design of the house that would fulfill all their wishes was made possible. Every detail was meticulously thought through in a design that integrates landscape, architecture and interior design into one.

The use of wood was inspired by the sandy landscape, the local vegetation and the local naval industry. It has a long lifetime, is fully recyclable, biodegradable, emission-free, stores CO2 and, because of its lightness, the amount of CO2 emitted during production and transportation is very small compared to other materials. It is a material that ages beautifully and, because it does not react with salt, it is ideal for a site so close to the sea.

The facades are materialised with a western red cedar wooden cladding that gives the project a homogeneous, natural and lively appearance.


Their look shifts between seasons like the surrounding landscape: darker in the rainy seasons, glowing and reflective in the summer.

The top construction of the house, assembled within two weeks, is made out of cross-laminated timber panels (CLT) designed beforehand using BIM software, allowing to fully control the design to detail from a distance and avoiding on-site setbacks. The panels were laser-cut in factory minimising the wasted material. This construction system contributes aesthetically to the design, as the wooden surface makes a great warm finishing to floors and walls and gives the interior a homogeneous and sculptural look. Wood also ensures a healthy indoor climate: it breathes, regulates the moisture in the air
and has an excellent acoustic effect.

Walnut wood is a warm material used throughout the interior design that relates to the colours of drift wood handcrafting, typical of this region.

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