Completion Date: September 2014


Dune House, Terschelling, Netherlands
Marc Koehler Architects

The Dune House, half-sunk into the dunes on the island of Terschelling, rises over the landscape and looks over the dunes providing a breath-taking view of the North Sea. 

The forces of nature prevalent in the environment determine the design as if they themselves had sculpted the house. Every material was chosen after close examination of the colours and textures found in the surrounding area. The result was a "wooden diamond" integrated in the landscape that is experienced very differently from each of its sides.

The loft-like house recreates the experience of taking a walk on the dunes in its interior. A spiralling “promenade architecturale” around its core forms one continuous path from platform to platform, generating interesting spatial and visual relations in between each of the rooms and with the landscape.

Through intensive dialogue between the architect and the clients, a tailor-made design of the house that would fulfil their wishes was made possible: a contextual design that integrates landscape, architecture and interior design. The fact that the client is fascinated for high quality design, aesthetically blending craft and modern technologies, influenced greatly the design: from the construction decisions and choice of materials to the finest details. Only with such a holistic approach it was possible to achieve an intrinsic integration between interior design, architecture and landscape, resulting in a house that is both tough and sophisticated, unique and contextual.

The construction method aims to respect the environment making use of modular prefabricated cross-laminated wooden panels, previously designed using BIM software, and allowed to drastically reduce the building time. The intensive use of wood, the implementation of passive methods to avoid unwanted heat gains and losses, combined with the self-generation of energy through solar panels and a biomass run fireplace, make this a very environmentally-friendly design with a minimal ecological footprint.

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