Completion Date: December 2020


Dalian Harbour International Cruise Terminal, Dalian, China
Woods Bagot

Dalian Pier, anchored by the new 33,800m2 International Cruise Terminal, seeks inspiration for the design from the city, its history, its people, its geography, and its culture. In an effort to symbolize the city’s heritage, the design is informed by the city’s strong connection to water and finds innovative ways for users to experience the water’s edge. The Terminal will become the focal point of Dalian’s massive waterfront redevelopment and a vibrant, civic destination for the city.

Specifically, the cruise terminal’s unique design takes inspiration from different layers of history on our site and uses this as a metaphor for how ripples in the water or the rings of a tree, reflect the passing of time. These rings create a strong identity and define unique experiences by bringing users to the water’s edge. Innovative both architecturally and structurally, the terminal’s sinuous curves feel like they belong by the sea.

The design simultaneously recaptures the past, embraces the present, and looks toward the future as a way to ensure continuity between Dalian Pier’s cultural heritage and the future growth of the city’s waterfront. Our proposal showcases the different layers of history on the site (by retrofitting and fully integrating two historic warehouse buildings) while overlaying a new layer in order to create an exciting synergy between different eras.

Rather than dividing the pier from locals this bold, new ‘social icon’ seeks to become an extension of diverse urban life out to sea as well as a strong link back to the city. Our proposal strives to become a building, and more importantly a place, that celebrates public space and feels like it belongs to the Dalian people. This is not just a building for passengers to get on and off cruise ships, but rather a destination for tourists and locals alike.

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