Completion Date: June 2014


Compact Karst House, Vrhovlje, Slovenia
dekleva gregoric arhitekti

The design of the small compact stony house corresponds to the needs of the young family and simultaneously follows current technological principles and the tradition of small, compact, stony and almost windowless houses of the Karst region. Redefinition of traditional stone Karst house led to the concept of proto-house as compact, mono material, pitched roof volume for contemporary countryside living in this region. The house is conceived as a monolithic volume with two inserted wooden volumes connected with interim landing, which acts as playroom. The wooden volumes, which contain the master bedroom, kid’s bedroom and bathroom, provide intimacy, while the rest of the space operates as public open space spreading out to the landscape through three large square windows. House in a house concept allow each bedroom to perform as primarily wooden pitched house, where one literally feels like sleeping in his own (symbolic) house and not a room.

The redefinition of traditional Karst roof cladded in stone, with its texture, colour, material and its steep inclination is executed as contemporary concrete interpretation with simple technological ingenuity. Materially inseparable connection between the facade and the roof is key allusion to the image of traditional Karst village. The local limestone, set into the concrete during the casting process, gives the walls the appearance of having a solid masonry construction. The ceiling is the concrete slab of the roof construction - the formwork was done out of wooden planks. All interior dry walls are made of three layer spruce plywood panels, oiled with transparent oil. The horizontal slab is spruce Cross Laminated Timber.

The project opens up the question about the characteristics of anonymous traditional built architecture, from which it originates, and simultaneously establishes the relationship between contemporary interpretation and traditionally conditional domain of synthesis.

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Lea Kovič, Vid Zabel

site area: 330 m2

build up area: 82 m2

net area: 92 m2

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