Completion Date: January 2020


Casino, Graz, Austria
DI Strohecker ZT Gmbh

A 5star hotel and a casino in the middle of Graz - a new hot spot and brand new architecture in the town of culture 2003

Future buildings of 'Casino Graz' and 'Crystal Hotel' are extravagant, yet aptly placed additions to the cityscape of Graz. Unique form, a Hot-Spot effect and flagship finish are their main character lines. 

The free-flowing façade is conceived as a focal point of casino and it serves as the medium between events that take place inside and the outside world. Smooth and soft lines on the inside have a soothing effect on visitors and customers, making them prolong their intended stay.  

Furthermore, the casino is intentionally split into 'zones' which correspond to different functional areas and are accordingly designed. The atmosphere and ambiance of Casablanca set is applied in café area, whilst themes form glorious times of the 'Rat Pack' create background atmosphere in the main gambling area, where players can dive into Las Vegas life. The casino - building shifts into Hotel rather abruptly, creating strong contrast between the two. This is a conscious approach that aims to create tension between two shapes: Crystalline and Amorphous. In turn the newly created complex makes a bold statement and is lifted from ist heterogeneous surroundings.   

The glittering architecture of the casino creates its main statement and in combination with high-class shows and the feel-good interior atmosphere, this elegant,

functional and unique building creates a new ‘attractive Point in the city of Graz.  

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